How to give

We warmly invite you to mail your donation to:

Cultivating Community
PO Box 3792
Portland, Maine 04104.

You can also make a secure online donation to us through Network for Good by clicking below.

We also invite you to contact Lesley Heiser to discuss your gift and the program or project you’d like to support. You can call Lesley at 207-650-8889 or email her at [email protected].

We thank you in advance for joining our family of donors.

Being outdoors.

Tending the Soil.

Planting Seeds.

Growing Gardens.

Harvesting Food.

Feeding People.

Cultivating Community engages people in some of the most beautiful aspects of human experience.

  • Supporting people who want to grow their own food.
  • Proliferating healthy food access for people with low incomes.
  • Helping to develop public policies that establish healthy food as a human right.
  • Building inclusive, lasting food security.
  • Cultivating Community works on some of the most important issues of our time.

Access to healthy food is a human right. No one should go to sleep hungry, or wake up with no food, or be limited to eating junk because it’s cheap. So we ask you to support Cultivating Community, and we ask you to make your gift today. Your donation will stand as your personal statement that healthy food is for everyone. It will help create lasting, inclusive food security in Maine.

Here’s what Cultivating Community is doing today to build a comprehensive approach to ending food insecurity in the lives of Maine people:

  • Food Distribution. In ElderShare, Youth Growers grow fruits and vegetables, prepare meals, and make personalized food deliveries to elderly people who’ve requested assistance. Participating teens also bring healthy foods home to their families.
  • Farmer Training. New Americans bring so much skill and passion to small-scale, sustainable farming. We work to support them as food-growers and business people and to help them find markets for their produce.
  • Creating Healthy-Food Access Points. We’re developing our network of farm stands across four municipalities with SNAP and WIC access plus low-cost CSA options. Our Grow Cart and new Good Food Bus will offer delicious veggies across multiple neighborhoods each day. We’re also making local produce accessible to institutions that feed people with low incomes.
  • Collaborating with Schools. We’re teaching children about nutrition and growing food, and helping them to explore the local, sustainable food system.
  • Advocating for Gardening for All. Given land access, a little education, and peer support, anyone can grow food. We work in Portland, Lewiston, and Lisbon to open gardening up to anyone and especially to people with low incomes.

We work in concert with you. Thank you for all you do to strengthen the local, sustainable food system. Thank you for your past support. And please keep your support coming. We need it, will make good use of it, and will greatly appreciate it. We wish you a wonderful growing season this year and every year.

Please click here for more information about volunteering with Cultivating Community!

Cultivating Community

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