Cultivating Community Values

We value JUSTICE

We believe current systems that operate in our community are working as designed: benefiting dominant groups and oppressing many others. We strive to work with, within and against these systems to create a world where we are all strengthened by the community in which we live. We believe it is important to continually examine personal and professional power and privilege. We take this awareness into account in our work and how it affects our decision making. We encourage others to join us.


We believe our community is stronger when all voices are represented and diverse perspectives are part of decision making. We strive to step back, create space, listen to, and advocate for
the many voices in our community. Our goal is to cultivate participatory, community-based solutions that are both immediately impactful and are part of lasting systems change. We work to make our programs accessible and we welcome all people.

We value EQUITY

We believe our community is stronger, healthier and more whole when everyone has the resources they need to reach their full potential. Central to our work is the recognition that these resources look different for different people. We strive to leverage our own organizational power and resources to meet those varied needs. We continually seek to dismantle racism and white supremacy. We work to undo systems of oppression that marginalize, oppress and exploit people, creatures, and the natural world.


We believe there are deep levels of connection between us all and we need each other to survive and thrive. We understand that our actions influence both those around us and the planet. We strive to cultivate meaningful, respectful connections with everyone who walks through our doors and the land that we work on.


We strive to meet people with an openness and humility that allows everyone’s best self to be heard and manifested. We commit to caring for ourselves, others and the land through giving time, patience and respect. We believe we are at our most powerful when we assume good intentions and our hearts and minds are open.

“We believe our community is stronger when all voices are represented and diverse perspectives are part of decision making.”

We value PROCESS

We believe that the path we take is as important as the outcome. We acknowledge that thoughtful process takes time and intention. We seek to understand all points of view and we do not assume the ways we do things are the correct and only ways. We strive to recognize and bridge cultural difference and spheres of influence with the hope of building trust.


We believe knowledge is inherent and we cultivate opportunities for individuals and communities to discover and share their wisdom. We support self-reflection and exploration. We believe individuals are in the best position to make their own educational decisions in order to grow. We all have much to learn and much to share: education and collaboration are vital to our work.


We believe there are real challenges in our community that are also reflected in ourselves. We believe within these challenges, creative solutions are possible. We strive to dig in, both metaphorically and literally, to get our hands dirty, as we build a better future together. We recognize that community growth requires self-awareness, difficult conversations and love of self and others; we welcome and value these opportunities.

Cultivating Community

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