Packard-Littlefield Farm

Packard-Littlefield Farm

winter_pl_fieldOnly two families have owned the orginial 80 acres: Patrick Arris from 1790 to 1853 and the Littlefields to the present.  The farm has been expanded to 402 acres by Bob and Ella Mae Littlefield Packard. Two hundred-sixty acres are enrolled in managed tree growth, over ninety acres are hay fields, and thirty acres produce crops.  The entire farm is permanently conserved by agricultural conservation easements held by the Androscoggin Land Trust (ALT).     

In 2004, Androscoggin Land Trust and the Packard family, with assistance from the Maine Dept. of Agriculture and the USDA, utilized Land for Maine’s Future and the NRCS Farmland Ranch Protection Program funding for the purchase of the agricultural conservation easement on the first 195-acres.  The subsequent two agricultural conservation easements were generously donated to ALT by the Packards in 2007 and 2010 respectively.

Cultivating Community is priviliged to lease 30 acres at the Packard-Littlefield Farm for use by its New American Sustainable Agriculture Project (NASAP). Learn more about NASAP's relationship with the farm on our Unique Maine Farms page!

NASAP runs the site as an incubator farm where individual refugee and immigrant farmers as well as market gardeners produce vegetables on their own plots.The size of each grower's plot depends on the number of years they have been in the program and their individual capacity to produce and market.The crops planted reflect their individual marketing plans.  The growers sell individually at a number of farmers markets and through the Fresh Start Farms collective, which offers CSA shares and serves wholesale customers. Click here for more information on the CSA shares.

There's more photos of Packard-Littlefield Farm in our Flickr photo slideshow, which includes photos at the markets where the produce ends up!



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